Lawn Care

       Fertilization - provides the essential nutrients required for healthy turf that can resist invading weed, insect, disease, and environmental stresses.


       Weed control - pre and post emergent weed control measures are used to control crabgrass and other grassy and broadleaf weeds from competing with the turf.


      Insect control - Control measures are taken to prevent GRUBS and other damaging  insects that can rapidly destroy the turf.


      Disease - Fungus and disease issues can be a significant challenge to maintaning  healthy turf. Turf Tech employs various preventative and curative treatment methods to manage disease issues.


      Soil augmentation - Soil PH level plays an important role in the landscape. Individual turf types and ornamental plants require a specific soil PH range for proer nutrient uptake. Turf Tech can adjust the PH, based on a soil test, to improve soil conditions.


     Aeration - Compaction, thatch control, and nutrient availability are aided by annual aeration. This is a mechanical process wich removes small plugs from the soil to improve the air, water, and nutrient exchange with the roots.


     Seeding -  Seeding in the fall helps to maintain a thick stand of turf and repair areas that have thinned out or been damaged by environmental stresses.



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